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Peter Henry, “Growth, Development, and Policy” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2009/07/27

Some of the best ways to understand economics is via economic history. Peter Blair Henry of Stanford University talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about economic development. Henry compares and contrasts the policy and growth experience of Barbados and Jamaica.

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Scott Rosenberg, “Say Everything: How Blogging Began, Where It’s Going, and Why It Matters” (MP3 Audio), Copper Robot, 2009/07/19

The history of blogging isn’t long, so it was an adventure in discovery. The Copper Robot talks with Scott Rosenberg, co-founder of, about … the history of blogging, from its early days in the 90s through the “warbloggers” of

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Jonathan Christensen, “Ten Years of Internet Communications” (MP3 audio), Emerging Communications Conference, 2008/03/12

In the history of Skype, the voice technologies were already available, but not configured in a way that made it easy for the average person to use. Jonathan Christensen of Skype speaks about the development of IP communications over the

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William Bernstein, “The History of Trade” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2008/04/28

Trade goes back to the dawn of man. Drawing on the insights from his recent book, A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World, Bernstein talks about the magic of spices, how trade in sugar explain why Jews ended up

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Grady Booch, “Software archaeology”, ACM OOPSLA, 2008/09/20

For most people in the modern industrial world, computer software is an everyday thing.  In the grand scheme, though, software has been a relatively new advent. As chief scientist for software engineering at IBM Research, Grady Booch has taken the

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Caterina Fake, “The History of Flickr”, IT Conversations, 2007/02/12

Flickr is a success story, but it wasn’t the original main development project of the team. Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr and current member of the Yahoo’s Technology Development Group, explains the humble beginnings of one of the earliest and

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Rakesh Khurana, “From Higher Aims to Hired Hands”, Invisible Hand, 2008/04/05

Business schools granting MBA degrees were originally started to develop leaders who would direct organizations to a higher social purpose. In the business schools today, MBAs are more “hired hands”. Chris Gondek wrote: It is only a slight exaggeration to

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