“Prophets of Doom: Michael Ruppert, Nathan Hagens, John Cronin, James Howard Kuntsler, Hugo De Garis, Robert Gleason”, History Channel (video), 2011/01

The general public may not want to hear about dystopian futures.  Six scientists and investigative journalists gave their perspectives, and then discussed the most impending risks.  I watched a rerun on the History Channel (Canada), and note alternative sources.

via Michael Ruppert | Survival And Prosperity.

In the 94 minute show, investigative journalist Michael Ruppert, economist Dr. Nathan Hagens, author John Cronin, investigative journalist/author James Howard Kuntsler, computer scientist Dr. Hugo De Garis, and executive editor Robert Gleason came together to discuss some of the greatest threats to the future of the United States, including economic collapse, water shortages/contamination, peak oil, species dominance by self-aware robots, and nuclear terrorism.

In addition to the summary described in the link above,  The Independent Report. emphasizes the impacts of peak oil and debt.

The DVD is available for sale by the History Channel.  There’s also a version available on Youtube.


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One comment on ““Prophets of Doom: Michael Ruppert, Nathan Hagens, John Cronin, James Howard Kuntsler, Hugo De Garis, Robert Gleason”, History Channel (video), 2011/01
  1. Jim Parker says:

    I’d love to brain pick with Dr. Hagens over dinner at some point. As prophetic pastor I weave 3 of the group’s concerns in 50% of my sermons. Howbeit I feel most of it falls on deafening ears. This sounds very much like my treatise “The New Clear Plantation”, started in 2001. Of course I see things from a position of ‘Faith’, but not the by the faith definition given in this report. The theoretical aspects of both Bible and science are merging more than ever. The summation of this think tank is very much like heaven… people helping one another, to help one another, help one another. Heaven exists when ‘We’ wake up and empower our leadership to temper the reigns of power in every part of world. It’s not a red or blue issue, it’s Purple Reign.

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