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Mike Munger, “Franchising, Vertical Integration, and the Auto Industry” (MP3 audio),

The franchise relationship in the automobile industry has had a long tradition that has been shaken up with changes in the economy. Michael Munger of Duke University, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about franchising, particularly car dealerships. Munger highlights

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Bernard-Henri Levy, “A stand against the new barbarism” (MP3 audio), Tavis Smiley, 2008/09/16

Since the foundations of American democracy have ties to the French, the views of a prominent philosopher can provide insights from an external perspective. A philosopher, activist and filmmaker, Bernard-Henri Lévy is also one of the most respected writers in

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Charles Platt, “Working at Wal-Mart” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2009/06/15

What’s an economist’s view on working at Walmart?  Every associate has full visibility to Walmart data, and there’s a authority runs to the to floor. Charles Platt, author and journalist, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts what it was like

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John Ralston Saul, “Canada’s Metis foundation” (MP3 audio), The Agenda, TV Ontario, 2008/10/17

In the view of John Ralston Saul, the character of Canada didn’t come from the French and the English, but from the Metis. Imagining Canada as rooted in the encounter with North America’s native people: author John Ralston Saul on

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Hugh McGuire, “The Future of Books” (MP3 audio), CBC Spark Plus, 2009/06/08

How will digital technologies impact books? Hugh McGuire … has a long history at the crossroads of book culture and technology. He founded Librivox, a volunteer-based service, which takes public domain books and turns them into audiobooks. He’s also co-founder

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Mark Baker, “REST” (MP3 audio, Jon Udell’s Interviews with Innovators, IT Conversations, 2009/02/18

Representational State Transfer, or REST, is an Internet design approach that become foundational in much development work. Mark Baker has always worked with distributed systems, starting with DCE and CORBA. When he learned about the Web’s REST architectural style, he

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Andrea Reimer, “Open cities” (MP3 audio), CBC Spark Plus, 2009/05/27

Vancouver was an earlier pioneer in providing open government data on the web. Vancouver City Council passed a motion (PDF) to endorse the principles of “making its data open and accessible to everyone where possible, adopting open standards for that

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  • Freedom Mobile call forwarding
    MMI codes from @FreedomMobile 611 support: Conditional forwarding (when busy + when unanswered + when unreachable) to a Canadian phone number … To activate:  *004*1nnnnnnnnnn# To deactivate:  ##004# Unconditional forwarding (phone won’t ring, with $0.75 charge per call) … To…Read more ›
  • Accuweather minutecast
    Discovered @Accuweather MinuteCast will forecast rain in neighbourhood down to a 3-place postal code, and show radar weather map.   Good for planning short shopping trips on the bike.
  • Wrap-up smear
    “Wrap-up smear” as deflection. @NancyPelosi said “You make up something. Then you have the press write about it. And then you say, everybody is writing about this charge”.  Added to lexicon on smear campaign on Wikipedia , based on interview at transcript of CNN’s…Read more ›
  • Galaxy S2 to Nougat
    Updated Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100M smartphone to Android 7 Nougat with ResurrectionRemix OS and GApps Micro.  Followed guide/tutorial started in January 2017 for CM14, but then altered for the more active RR community.
  • ResurrectionRemix on Nexus 10
    Installed ResurrectionRemix 5.7 ROM on Nexus 10 Manta tablet, after LineageOS 13 Manta install continued in loop.  Wanted alternate living open source OS project after Cyanogen shut down in Dec. 2016.  Hardware is durable, software continues to be supported by…Read more ›
  • WordPress wp-cron.php changed to cPanel cron
    To remedy cron jobs not running on WordPress (installed via cPanel), I disabled wp-cron.php in wp-config.php , and set up a job on cPanel. “Icônes cPanel > Avancé > Tâches Cron” | PlanetHoster at “Why WP-Cron sucks” | Lucas Roff…Read more ›
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