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Dmitry Orlov, “Social Collapse Best Practices” (MP3 audio), Longnow Foundation, 2009/02/19

What happens to live after a society collapses?  We can learn from history in the former Soviet Union. With vintage Russian black humor, Orlov described the social collapse he witnessed in Russia in the 1990s and spelled out its practical

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Jonathan Rauch, “The Volt, Risk, and Corporate Culture” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2008/09/01

General Motors had the technology for an electric car.  When it stopped working on that technology, it unfortunately stopped work on hybrid technology as well. Jonathan Rauch, of the Brookings Institution and the Atlantic Monthly, talks with EconTalk host Russ

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Hal Varian, “On Technology” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2008/07/28

In my university days, one of my textbooks was written by Hal Varian.  An economist crossing over from academia to industry is an interesting case. Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist and University of California at Berkeley professor, talks with Russ

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Saul Griffith, “Climate Change Recalculated” (MP3 audio), Longnow Foundation, 2009/01/16

Part of sustainability is conservation, but we can maintain even a minimal level of modern conveniences through conservation? … the land area dedicated to renewable energy (”Renewistan”) would occupy a space about the size of Australia to keep the carbon

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Robin Hanson, “Signalling” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2008/05/26

Human beings send signals with our consumer behaviour. Robin Hanson of George Mason University talks about the phenomenon of signalling–the ways people spend resources to convey information about ourselves to others. It begins with Hanson revisiting his theory from an

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Chris Anderson, “Free” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2008/05/12

Economics tends to think about price on a continuous line or curve, but the jump from “not free” to “free” means that business models have to change. Chris Anderson talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his next book project

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John Nye, “Wine, War and Trade” (MP3 audio), Econtalk, 2008/05/05

The idea of pure competitive trade is a myth. John Nye of George Mason University talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his book, War, Wine, and Taxes. The conversation covers the history of Britain and France’s trade policy, why

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