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Dave Thomas, OOPSLA, 2008/09/11

OOPLSA is a conference with a significant history that maintains relevance today. A true pioneer of the industry and one of the original creator of the OOPSLA conference talks about what OOPSLA means to him and what goes on during

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Paul Collier, “The Bottom Billion”, Econtalk, 2008/01/28

Lifting poor economics out of the depths has complications that we often don’t consider in the first world. Paul Collier of Oxford University talks about the ideas in his recent book, The Bottom Billion, an analysis of why the poorest

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Wes Jackson, “”The Necessity and Possibility of an Agriculture where Nature is the Measure”, Colorado College, 2005/04/27

Agriculture has become so industrial, that modern society has almost forgotten that plants grow naturally. In 2005, Wes Jackson was named by the Smithsonian Institution as one of 35 people who made a difference. Farming, in Jackson’s view, is humanity’s

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Bob Sutor, “Remarks on the IBM Standards Principles”,, 2008/09/29

Commentary on the formal announcement of the IBM Standards … responses to the publication of the IBM Standards Principles. As I hoped, they raised some issues and started some debates. [….] The principles themselves are meant to be taken as

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Mohan Sawhney, “The Global Brain”, Principled Innovation, 2008/01/18

Innovation can be different in a global network. Network-centric innovation is an open and collaborative approach that supplants the closed, firm-centered strategies with which we are all more familiar. These more traditional methods no longer serve organizations well in a

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Mike Munger, “Nature of the Firm”, Econtalk, 2008/01/14

Why do firms exist? Mike Munger, of Duke University, talks about why firms exist. If prices and markets work so well (and they do) in steering economic resources, then why does so much economic activity take place within organizations that

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Art Kleiner, “NeuroLeadership and Disruptive Change”, Total Picture Radio, 2008/11/17

One of the biggest challenges organizations encounter is how to thrive when faced with constant, disruptive change. The study of neuroscience has provided us with a deeper understanding of why people find change so unsettling. It offers valuable insight into

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