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Kevin Kelly, “The Future of the Web and Everything Else”, Econtalk, 2007/03/26

In this conversation, Kevin Kelly commented on having a book (i.e. Out of Control, 1995) about technology, in the face of continuing progress (e.g. the way we use Google today would have been a dream a decade ago). Author Kevin

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Craig Venter, “Joining 3.5 Billion Years of Microbial Invention”, Longnow Foundation, 2008/02/25

While we tend to focus on life on a human scale, I learned that there’s a huge amount of DNA in a bucket of sea water. Decoding and recoding life To really read DNA accurately and understand it thoroughly, you

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb, “The Future Has Always Been Crazier Than We Thought”, Longnow Foundation, 2008/02/04

I had recently heard another talk by Taleb on Econtalk, which had more of an economic spin. This talk was equally entertaining, with a slightly different orientation. Dispatches from Extremistan A “black swan,” Taleb explained, is an event which is

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Michael Cote and Steve O’Grady, “Apple’s Open Source”, Redmonk Radio, 2006/08/21

In parallel with OS/X, Apple has an open source version in Darwin, although the Open Darwin project shut down with the move to Intel x86 architecture In this episode Steve O’Grady and Coté talk about Apple’s recent open source efforts,

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Ray Anderson, “Sustainable Enterprise: The Next Industrial Revolution”, PBS Atlanta, 2007/02/13

I first saw Ray Anderson speak at the ISSS meeting in 1998. He’s continuing with the themes that he described then. Technological and industrial advances during the last century have made a tremendous positive impact on our daily lives. Some

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Michael Pollan, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma: Searching for the Perfect Meal in a Fast-Food World”, Colorado College, 2007/02/08

Michael Pollan’s book has become popular very quickly. Listening to his talk revealed that he’s been writing about sustainable agriculture for some time. All creatures are defined ecologically by how they fit into a food chain. For humans, food industrialization

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Paul Saffo, “Embracing Uncertainty: the secret to effective forecasting”, Longnow Foundation, 2008/01/14

Is it human nature to want to avoid uncertainty? Rules of Forecasting Reflecting on his 25 years as a forecaster, Paul Saffo pointed out that a forecaster’s job is not to predict outcomes, but to map the “cone of uncertainty”

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